My name is Colt Hamilton, I grew up in a small town in Northern Utah.  I have lived in Southwest Wyoming with my family since 2005.  I have been fascinated with hunting from the time I could walk.  I always had bird dogs growing up and loved to watch them work.  I have been breeding and raising labs for the past 10 years and have come to love and appreciate the great things these dogs can accomplish.  My dogs are family dogs first,  I have to have a dog that I can live with.   Second my dogs hunt.  We hunt all fall and winter in some of the harshest conditions around.  I have to have a dog that is obedient and one that will also have the drive and endurance to last all day in the field.  I have also competed several dogs in AKC Hunt Tests and AKC Field Trials in the spring and summer months.   I strive to breed pups that I personally would want to have.  One that is a companion but also has the talent to do whatever it is you please with it.  I strive to breed the healthiest dogs I can by only breeding dogs with all their health clearances, in turn all my pups go home with a written health guarantee.  If you would like more info don't hesitate to call.